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C & S Transport

About Us

Since its founding, Bestway Logistics has prided itself in the ability to deliver world-class customer service. Located in Vincennes, Indiana, Bestway Logistics is strategically positioned at the Crossroads of America. “We are a company dedicated to service, and our focus is always on the big picture and the customer’s bottom line,” declares Shepard Dunn, President and CEO.

Bestway is owned and operated ny the McCormick family, and is positioned to remain a leader in the trasportation industry for years to come. Beltway Logistics is a safety first company and is exceedingly proactive in this cause.

Bestway Logistics offers a vast range of value-added services that provides all customers with customized transportation plans. These value-added services are offered through the following subsidiaries. Beltway Express, Inc. KMA, LLC and C&S Transportation Services, LLC. The Bestway Logistics team will work closely with the customer’s organization to create a transportation plan that best suits their logistical needs.

C&S Transportation Services is a privately held Transportation Management Company located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The company started in 1983 by providing truckload service to Central Kentucky and has grown into a comprehensive transportation and logistics management company, with national and international services.

In 2006 C&S Transportation was purchased by Vectra Integration strengthening our ability to provide asset based trucking solutions for our clients.

Mission Statement

To design, implement and manage a smart and effective logistics solution that improves profitability and creates a competitive advantage for our clients.

Toll Free: 800-928-2787 | Tele: 502.227.0928 | Fax: 502.227.1048 ------ PO Box 5191, 1030 Burlington Ln , Frankfort, KY 40601
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